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Phone - 470-333-BRIS (2747)

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Mazel tov on your impending delivery! I am honored to share this very important event with you and your family. If you are expecting a little boy, or are planning on a surprise, it is best to contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss plans for the berit mila and I may answer any questions you may have. If you know your due date or the date of your scheduled c-section or induction, that is very helpful. Planning ahead of time is ideal, but please don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible after the birth if your son arrives early or unexpectedly.

After your son is born, call or email as soon as possible. I will need the date and time of birth, the location where the bris will be taking place, and contact information for the parents. If there are any birth complications or medical history, I will need that as well. In most circumstances I will be able to come by the hospital to examine the baby and meet you and your family ahead of time. If not, we will plan a visit for after you get home.

Other information you will need to provide me with prior to the bris include: your son's full English and Hebrew names, the full English and Hebrew names of the parents, and the names of any clergy you wish to be present.